Set-Up Account

When a HR Selector account is created the first task is to setup the account in order that HR Selector reflects your organization's structure.

Organizations are broken down into organizational units. An organizational unit will often be a company but it could also be another organizational entity such as a division, department, group or task force.

Information is assigned to each organizational unit such as name and location address.

Roles that are relevant to each organization unit are defined. For example an organization's finance resource might be assigned its own organization unit and all the finance roles assigned to that organizational unit.

Set-Up Campaign

When a recruitment campaign is created, the campaign is associated to one of the pre-defined organizational units and based on a pre-defined role. Information that is held at the account level is used to populate the campaign.

If necessary the seed information once transferred to the campaign can be fine-tuned in order to meet any specific non-standard requirement.

Organization Set-Up Tutorial


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