HR Selector supports the concept of multiple rounds of interviews and different types of interviews including telephone, conference calls, in person, audition and presentation.

Using HR Selector's interview wizard the recruiter can create a number of interview time slots, then send requests to each of the interviewers to check their availability.

When sufficient time slots have been created where the interviewers have indicated their availability applicants can be invited for interview and asked to select one of the available time slots that will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

HR Selector can generate interview packs that will provide each interviewer with full details of each applicant and can also be configured to provide the interviewers with an interview script of insightful questions.

Post interview HR Selector can be used to request an interview write-up from each of the interviewers to assess each candidate's skills and personality traits.

HR Selector is able to generate reports that compare an applicant's self-assessments with those of the interviewers both individually and collectively.

In-Person Interview Scheduling Tutorial


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