Personality Traits

HR Selector allows recruiters to associate the personality traits that an ideal candidate would possess for each of the defined roles.

A recruiter when looking to fill a management role might consider traits that are associated with leadership and confidence to be important, while when looking for a sales representative they might be looking for people who are resilient, extrovert and focused.

During the initial application the recruiter can request that the applicant completes a self-assessment against the personality traits that are considered important to the role.

After interview each interviewer can assess each candidate on the personality traits associated to the role and also add personality traits that became evident during the interview.

Where applicants have completed a self-assessment the recruiter can consider how the applicant see's themselves and compare that to the interviewers' assessments to see how others see them.

At the interview stage personality traits that might normally be considered as negative may be associated to candidate but depending on the role some normally negative traits might be considered to be a benefit.

Personality Traits Tutorial


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